WARLUNG's mellower take on heaviness is manna from heaven. Dual harmonies and clean lead vocals tell doomic tales and apocalyptic stories over backdrops of heavy but measured groove.

The music they are enveloped in has a contrasting brighter melodic, almost commercial rock feel, a feel that is both refreshing and somewhat warming in these times of brutal crunching riffage and growling demonic vocals


Comprised of former members of Rivers and The Dead Revolt, their blend of metal and psych-rock create a sound that's hard to walk away from, and their live sets are just as face melting.

The band seems to accept that they don't have to stick to traditional themes and goes for more epic storytelling, helping to further expand their sound.


WARLUNG have crossed the boundaries of that stoner vibe with melodic doom cuts to great effect.


WARLUNG gasp the airwaves with pneumonic rage, utilizing elements of true doom, heavy metal, stoner rock, psychedelic, and occult driven blues. The wicked riffs, dreamlike vocals and sinful solos subdue the listener deep into a deep state of Sabbath fantasia. 


This stuff is hard hitting, super psychedelic with a mild occult vibe going on. Everything is bigger in Texas and the riffs here are BIG. 


WARLUNG hold firm to clearly-presented melodies and riff-led rhythms no matter where they seem to go in mood.